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Thursday, 6 August 2009

A guide For First Time Visit To West Sumatera

Minangkabau International AirportAt First you will land in the capital of West Sumatra province, the city of Padang. Minangkabau International Airport, where you land, located 20 km outside the city of Padang. In this airport, landed the aircraft from not only are various domestic airlines, but also representatives of various foreign airlines, like Singapore by Tiger Airways, and Malaysia with Air Asia. So, you dont have to worry about the Minangkabau International Airport comfortability .

Also do not have to worry about the distance of the airport to downtown. Although Minangkabau International Airport is located 23 KM northwest of Padang city, you'll find easy many options for cheap and safe to Padang, directly at the airport exit. Inexpensive way to get to the city of Padang city of BIM is by bus DAMRI rate Rp 15,000 / person. One of the advantages you get if you use
DAMRI route, you will past few best hotels and best shopping place in the city of Padang.

Or you can also use other transportation options. Besides DAMRI, there are taxis and rental cars. Of course you need to spend extra money if you choose to use this vehicle. On average, you will spend money ranged from 100,000, 150,000. Of course, there are distinct advantages, if you use the taxi or rental car, which you can DAMRI in Padang immediately go to wherever you want.

Instead, stay back in Padang City, so you more easily plan your trip. Because, from Padang you will more easily get transport if you want to move on to other destinations in West Sumatra, If you have chosen a hotel in Padang, and wanted to tour the city of Padang, you can take public transportation that readily available in the hotel yard. Instead, you can also request more information on the hotels information center, because all the hotels in Padang will have a travel map and also variety interesting info on Tourism. In the hotel information center, you also can requets a guide trip book or some local person to accompany your tour too, if you need it.

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