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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Enjoy the breeze of Singkarak Lake

Singkarak LakeWest Sumatra, was awarded with the natural beauty of the hills that line the lake hollows. In addition Maninjau Lake, there is another beautiful lake in West Sumatra, clear and calm named Lake Singkarak. Singakarak Lake area size about 129.69 km with a depth of 36.5 meters above sea level and link the two district areas of Tanah Datar and Solok.

Singkarak Lake, which is the second largest lake in Sumatra, after Lake Toba is upstream from the river Batang Ombilin. From the lake Singakarak, Batang Ombilin flow and split the rice field area, and become a important source of irrigation for agricultural land. The water of Singkarak lake, also a power of generator that channeled through the tunnel into the surrounding of Bukit Barisan.

If your visit to Singkarak Lake, don’t miss the chance to climb the canoe or boat to enjoy the peace in the middle of its lake. From there, you will see the township residents lined the shore of the lake, such as a fence for the Singkarak Lake. Through the clear water, where you will see a beautiful reflection of the hills that lined surrounding, you will see The fish Bilih chasing and dancing.

Fish Bilih (latin; Mystacoleucus padangensis), which supposedly is a unique species that only one other in the world, a source of life for the community of Singkarak. If you've finished watching the beauty of the Lake Festival, you should be taking the time to pamper the taste of food tasting in a restaurant booth at the edge of the lake Festival. Their main menu is bilih fish, and you'll feel it a very unique, tasty and aromatic. Enjoy too, the road meanders along the edge of Lake Singakarak surrounded by a tiered rice fields, Bagonjong houses with a green background of the undulating hills, and the Singkarak lake wind soothing .

Getting There
If you intend to walk to the Lake Singkarak from the city of Padang, you would travel around 120km for about 75 minutes. Costs you will pay around Rp.30.000 by public transportation. From Bukittinggi, you can use public bus, enough to just Rp.10.000, you will reach the Singkarak Lake in 30 minutes only.

Where to Stay
Along the coast of Singakarak Lake there are many Homestay / Inn, and also some Hotel and Motel, such as the Singkarak Beach Hotel, the hotel that is usually crowded used by foreign and domestic tourists, this place is also very convenient for activities such as seminars, training and to break. In addition, there is also Singakarak children's playground for those of you who carry on the family as the Tanjung Mutiara, there is provided a small boat to sail in the Lake and various other children play.

Places to Buy Souvenirs
From your visit to the Singkarak Lake, you will obtain a unique souvenir. Because you can bring home Bilih dried fish that are sold each day in the traditional markets of Ombilin, Prices range up to 30,000 per kg. This bilih dried fish will be for your own memories of the Lake Singkarak.



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