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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Enjoy the breeze of Singkarak Lake

Singkarak LakeWest Sumatra, was awarded with the natural beauty of the hills that line the lake hollows. In addition Maninjau Lake, there is another beautiful lake in West Sumatra, clear and calm named Lake Singkarak. Singakarak Lake area size about 129.69 km with a depth of 36.5 meters above sea level and link the two district areas of Tanah Datar and Solok.

Singkarak Lake, which is the second largest lake in Sumatra, after Lake Toba is upstream from the river Batang Ombilin. From the lake Singakarak, Batang Ombilin flow and split the rice field area, and become a important source of irrigation for agricultural land. The water of Singkarak lake, also a power of generator that channeled through the tunnel into the surrounding of Bukit Barisan.

If your visit to Singkarak Lake, don’t miss the chance to climb the canoe or boat to enjoy the peace in the middle of its lake. From there, you will see the township residents lined the shore of the lake, such as a fence for the Singkarak Lake. Through the clear water, where you will see a beautiful reflection of the hills that lined surrounding, you will see The fish Bilih chasing and dancing.

Fish Bilih (latin; Mystacoleucus padangensis), which supposedly is a unique species that only one other in the world, a source of life for the community of Singkarak. If you've finished watching the beauty of the Lake Festival, you should be taking the time to pamper the taste of food tasting in a restaurant booth at the edge of the lake Festival. Their main menu is bilih fish, and you'll feel it a very unique, tasty and aromatic. Enjoy too, the road meanders along the edge of Lake Singakarak surrounded by a tiered rice fields, Bagonjong houses with a green background of the undulating hills, and the Singkarak lake wind soothing .

Getting There
If you intend to walk to the Lake Singkarak from the city of Padang, you would travel around 120km for about 75 minutes. Costs you will pay around Rp.30.000 by public transportation. From Bukittinggi, you can use public bus, enough to just Rp.10.000, you will reach the Singkarak Lake in 30 minutes only.

Where to Stay
Along the coast of Singakarak Lake there are many Homestay / Inn, and also some Hotel and Motel, such as the Singkarak Beach Hotel, the hotel that is usually crowded used by foreign and domestic tourists, this place is also very convenient for activities such as seminars, training and to break. In addition, there is also Singakarak children's playground for those of you who carry on the family as the Tanjung Mutiara, there is provided a small boat to sail in the Lake and various other children play.

Places to Buy Souvenirs
From your visit to the Singkarak Lake, you will obtain a unique souvenir. Because you can bring home Bilih dried fish that are sold each day in the traditional markets of Ombilin, Prices range up to 30,000 per kg. This bilih dried fish will be for your own memories of the Lake Singkarak.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Tips for Traveling to West Sumatra

turis di Sumatera BaratIf you visit West Sumatra, then here are some things you can consider to make your trip more enjoyable.

1. If you wish to consume alcohol beverages, you should only do it at the bar or hotel. Don’t doing that in public places, because local peoples will stay away from you, or maybe they away you go.

2. If you bathe or swim in a public place, you should not wear bikinis. Use a bathing suit that covers your thighs and torso perfectly. Or you can try the traditional way, namely by using clothing or traditional cloth.

3. On average, the peoples of West Sumatera are people who like to trade, so do not hesitate to haggle when you buy something.

4. Minang society is people who are warm and friendly. They will be happy to assist you when you need help. Show a friendly attitude, and be polite, then they will respect you more.

5. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the police. Of course, this is the most secure way you have.

6. It would be better if you have a road map of west Sumatra. There is also a good idea if you have a local language dictionary. Community will be pleased to see you learn their language.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shopping in the city of Padang

Minang PlazaIf you visit West Sumatra, surely you will come first to the city of Padang. If you come through the Air Line, then you will land at Minangkabau International Airport (MIA). You can choose to stay back in the city of Padang. This will benefit you, because almost all Tourism destination in West Sumatra will be easily reached from the city of Padang.

Right in the center of town, you can choose different hotels and high-class medium which is along the coast. From there, you can plan your next trip. You can also buy all your needs in advance, so that your journey easier. In the city of Padang, there are several modern market, you can visit. Among these are:

1. Plaza Andalas
Located right in the center of Padang City, making Plaza Andalas was the most crowded place to
Plaza Andalasvisit for shopping at Padang. Besides the ease of visiting the Plaza Andalas, its location is in downtown, will make you easy to choose a variety of hotels located near the Plaza Andalas.

2. Minang Plaza
Minang plaza is located north of the city of Padang. If you take the bus from Minangkabau International Airport, then you will first find this place where to shop than other. In this place you'll find all your travel needs. Not some far from Minang Plaza, you'll find Pangeran Beach Hotel, one of the best lodging in the city of Padang.

3. Matahari Dept Store
Matahari Department Store located in downtown, and adjacent to the traditional market of Padang. In addition to easily accessible by public bus, you are also have a chance to see the transaction in Traditional Markets, which was directly under the Matahari Dept. Store. If necessary, you can come to a traditional market Pasar Raya Padang, where you can buy fresh ingredients for meals or other things and what you need.

4. Gramedia.
Gramedia Book Store is the largest stationery of books shoping the city of Padang. Located in downtown, Gramedia could be your choice to get the road map you need, as well as Indonesian and Regional dictionary if you need it. In this place you can also buy the equipment of sports and tour you need.

5. Silungkang Stores
For souvenirs, in Padang you can find it in Silungkang Stores. Silungkang store is approximately 1 mile from downtown and your easy to visit by public transportation. In this place you can buy a various of Minangkabau traditional souvenirs that made with craft, with affordable prices.

6. Christine Hakim Kripik Stores
Kripik Christine Hakim Stores, is one of best known traditional grocery store in the city of Padang. In this place, you can buy "Kripik (chips)Balado", Minangkabau traditional food. But you can also get others Minangkabau traditional food .


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Payakumbuh City

Payakumbuh CityPayakumbuh, is a city that known as one tourist destination in West Sumatra. Payakumbuh save many areas of visit places that present the amazing natural scenery. From Bukittinggi city, you only need to take overland travel for 30 minutes at a cost of approximately Rp. 20.000, -. You can view your travel itinerary in the city Payakumbuh, on the following maps:

Payakumbuh Travel Maps

Monday, 10 August 2009

Visit Maninjau Lake

Maninjau LakeManinjau Lake West Sumatra, is one of the most splendid lakes in Indonesia. This volcanic lake is situated more or less 461 meters above sea level. This lake, 100 m2 in size with the maximum depth of 500 meters, is associated with a legend. It is said that from the local folklore called "Bujang Sembilan" (roughly translates as "Nine Young Men"), one of these men died by plunging himself to the crater. The crater then expanded, forming a lake.

Maninjau Lake has a five starred resort located on the top of a hill. With pleasant, inspiring sceneries, staying around Maninjau Lake will be a dazzling experience for you.

Maninjau Village is located near the lake. Buya HAMKA, one of the most notable novelists in Indonesia, was born here. HAMKA wrote the phenomenal Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijk. Another famous person born here is Rangkayo Rasuna Said, one of Indonesia's national hero. Her name is immortalized as one of the protocol roads in Jakarta.

Getting There

Located only 35 kilometers away from Bukittinggi, you can visit this site by using a car or a public transportation.

Where to Stay
You can stay at various inns and hotels in Bukittinggi, or at Maninjau Resort, which is closer.

Moving Around
From where you stay, you can use a private car or public transportation to view the magnificent scenery.

Dining Guide
You can eat at several nearby restaurants or hotels. Bear in mind that West Sumatran food tends to be spicy.

Souvenir Tips
You can buy traditional Minangese crafts within the area or in Bukittinggi. Various songket (hand-woven cloth), slippers, shoes, bags, money pouches made of songket, and other unique items are also available. You can also buy traditional West Sumatran snack such as cassava chips coated with chili sauce.

Other Things to See or Do
Simple water recreations can be done in the lake. Unfortunately, since the locals consider swimsuits improper, you shouldn't swim in this lake. You can swim in the resort or in other hotels. If you stay at the resort, you can also use the fitness center and jogging track.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bukittinggi City

Bukittinggi CityBukittinggi Cuty is your first destination on your visit to West Sumatra. This city is known as a tourism town in West Sumatera, because it has a lot of tourism places with the great number of tourist visits every traffic year . From the city of Padang, you could go to Bukittinggi with a tour bus trip, which can be easy found in at Minangkabau International Airport. You would travel for 70 minutes at a cost of approximately Rp. 50.000, - only. Here is a map of Bukittinggi that you can learn.

Bukittinggi Maps

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Jam Gadang At Bukitinggi

Jam Gadang at Bukittinggi CityBukittinggi, maybe you have known about this place. But as information to you, Bukittinggi is one place that located in West Sumatera region. There have beautiful atmosphere and also cool temperature, so in the morning, evening or night, you still enjoying your activity to walk there. Moreover, you will feel easy to come at there. At this time, about transportation problem not difficult. Even, you can make use car rent if you need him. Before, if you ask about interest place at there, I feel you will enjoy when you have been at there. Because with friendly temperature, atmosphere, and also people that always smile if you say “Hello” at there, you will comfort.

But if you like walk, Jam Gadang could become one place that must to visit when you stay at there. In realty, Jam Gadang become one favorite place that often visited by many people from inside or other area."Jam" means "clock" in Indonesian. "Gadang" is means "big". So, Jam Gadang can be understand as Big Clock. Jam Gadang was built in 1926 by Yazid Sutan Gigi Ameh. The clock itself was a gift from Queen of Holland to The Controleur. During the Dutch occupation, on top of the roof was a hen. When the Japanese occupied, they changed the hen into the form a shrine. And when Indonesia became independent, people rebuilt the roof top into the form of Minangkabau (West Sumatera) traditional houses (Rumah Gadang). Since then "Jam Gadang" became the icon of Bukittingi.

This structure is by 26 meter of height build on a 13x4 meter square. The diameter of the clock itself is 80cm.

In around Jam Gadang you can find various souvenirs seller that can you make as collection or maybe gift for your friends. But if you like adventure while enjoying beautiful nature, you can try to Merapi or Singgalang Mount that located at Padang Panjang. Whatever that you’ll do there, sure will feel comfort with uniqueness atmosphere at there. And, if you feel difficult, you can make use a guide, or shy to ask with people there. Because many immigrants as well as tourist that visit there, so you will feel not alone.

If you want to get new atmosphere and also new experience, Bukittinggi can become one of target places that could visited. The uniqueness, if you want enjoying while walk round Bukittinggi area, you can find original culture from society at there. Because society at there until now still to kept their culture, like wedding party, meeting, and more. The rich culture made society held the value of togetherness as well as familiarity in high esteem.

About hotels, you have many choices where you’ll be rest. If you want to get best hotel, may you must try Novotel. But if you want hotels that not too expensive, don’t worry to find him.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Padang City

Padang CityThis city is the first town you that will visit if you come to West Sumatra by air travel. You will land at Minangkabau International Airport. From Jakarta, you would travel for 75 minutes at a cost of approximately Rp. 600.000, -. From here you will find cheap transportation to get to Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, or other cities in West Sumatra. You can also buy travel needs first in Padang.

To facilitate your travel in Padang, you can learn the following maps:

Padang Travel Maps

Padang City Travel Maps


Thursday, 6 August 2009

A guide For First Time Visit To West Sumatera

Minangkabau International AirportAt First you will land in the capital of West Sumatra province, the city of Padang. Minangkabau International Airport, where you land, located 20 km outside the city of Padang. In this airport, landed the aircraft from not only are various domestic airlines, but also representatives of various foreign airlines, like Singapore by Tiger Airways, and Malaysia with Air Asia. So, you dont have to worry about the Minangkabau International Airport comfortability .

Also do not have to worry about the distance of the airport to downtown. Although Minangkabau International Airport is located 23 KM northwest of Padang city, you'll find easy many options for cheap and safe to Padang, directly at the airport exit. Inexpensive way to get to the city of Padang city of BIM is by bus DAMRI rate Rp 15,000 / person. One of the advantages you get if you use
DAMRI route, you will past few best hotels and best shopping place in the city of Padang.

Or you can also use other transportation options. Besides DAMRI, there are taxis and rental cars. Of course you need to spend extra money if you choose to use this vehicle. On average, you will spend money ranged from 100,000, 150,000. Of course, there are distinct advantages, if you use the taxi or rental car, which you can DAMRI in Padang immediately go to wherever you want.

Instead, stay back in Padang City, so you more easily plan your trip. Because, from Padang you will more easily get transport if you want to move on to other destinations in West Sumatra, If you have chosen a hotel in Padang, and wanted to tour the city of Padang, you can take public transportation that readily available in the hotel yard. Instead, you can also request more information on the hotels information center, because all the hotels in Padang will have a travel map and also variety interesting info on Tourism. In the hotel information center, you also can requets a guide trip book or some local person to accompany your tour too, if you need it.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

West Sumatera

West Sumatra, is one of Indonesia's province located lengthwise on the several west coast of Sumatra island plus the Mentawai Islands: Siberut Island, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai Island. an area, West Sumatra area is around 42,297.30 km2, and located at 98.00 ° 36.00 'E to 101.00 ° 53.00' E, and 0.00 ° 54.00 'N to 3:00 ° 30.00' S.

West Sumatra landscape dominated by hills and mountains. Mountain Range in the province of West Sumatra is Mount Singgalang, Mount Marapi, Mount Pasaman, Mount Tandikek, and Mount Kerinci. In the central region of West Sumatra, there are some waters that became an important water source, the Lake Singkarak, Lake Maninjau, Lake Diatas, Lake Dibawah, and Lake Talang.
If you are interested to visit West Sumatra, probably following maps can help you:
West Sumatera Maps

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Lubang Japang (Japanese Hole) in Bukittinggi

Lubang Japang (Japanesse Hole)"Lubang Jepang" or Japanese holes is a tunnel, the Japanese army built it around the second world war in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera, Indonesia. It have a length of approximately 1400 m (725 m because it is partially closed in 2004, 2 m wide and height about 3 m. Meanwhile, to enter and exit the tunnel there are 3 main door and 6 emergency door. There are 3 doors in the main road of Sianok Canyon, in
the Panorama Park and on the side of the Bung Hatta Palace ( Triarga Building).
For now only one door that is used for the public, the doors located in Panorama Park, while the 2 doors and 6 doors emergency closed.

In Lubang Japang alley there are some that ramify. Previously, the alleys used for various purposes, such as meeting place, a place to eat, sleep rooms, military barracks and detention space. There are 12 rooms that are used for military barracks; 12 room for the bed; 6 rooms for ammunition, 2 rooms for food, 1 room for romusha and the room for the hearing. The spaces of any room is still well and can be visited by the tourists until now .

In Lubang Japang, you can still be found various types of equipment that leave by Japanese army, that used to torment the prisoners during the second world war. Equipment is stored in one of the lane that is estimated as a place of torture.

Other Interesting Objects Around Lubang Japang
After you have finished around the Lubang Japang, you can take tired-sit while sitting in the tourism object Panorama Park with a view of the natural beauty of the Sianok Canyon that spread wide in front of the eye. Accidental, Lubang Japang
one is in the same location with the tourism object Bukittinggi City named Taman Panorama or Panorama Park.
Not far from Lubang Japang, there is a Museum of Indonesia Struggle. In this place, you will see evidence of the people the history of resistance against the imperialist West Sumatra. The struggle of a nation trip, which expresed in various media, whether photos, objects and document. You does not need to use the vehicle to go to this place. Simply walk from Panorama Park, only about 100m.

How to Go to Lubang Japang
We assume you just stop at Minangkabau International Airport in Padang. To reach this location, you must go to Bukittinggi city. From the city of Padang to Bukittinggi, travel can be more or less for 2 hours by using general transport, with the cost around Rp. 15,000-Rp 20,000 per person (March 2008). After reaching the Bukittinggi city, travel can proceed with use city transportation to the location Lubang Japang. To anticipate your transportation, the tourists are encouraged
to use the travel service, private cars or hire car which can be directly to the tourism object location. Entrance ticket price is Rp. 5.000, - for children, and Rp. 8000, - for adults.

How to Find Food and Lodging
Due to the location of Lubang Japang in the center of Bukittinggi City, the tourists from outside area who want to stay overnight in hotels in the area of the city. You can select the hotel according to your ability. Ranging between Rp.75.000 .- until Rp.300.000, - for one night, until the class Rp.1.500.000, - a night there. You will not distress to get it. Again, you can just live walk from Lubang Japang only about 300 m.

For the food, the tourists are pampered by the variety of cuisine. Kapau Rice become one of the menu is interesting to try that are in the Pasar Lereng (on the side of the main traditional market) in Bukittinggi. One portion with enough money around Rp.10.000. After completed the Lubang Japang, you can do shopping in the Pasar Atas. Here you will find a variety of unique souvenirs of the regions of West Sumatra.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

About Traveling to Indonesia

Traveling to IndonesiaWelcome to Traveling to Indonesia, a blog about the beauty of an island state, which is located right on the equator. Archipelago of Indonesia extends along 3.200 miles from west to east, with approximately 13.667 islands. Major islands among others are: Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Papua. Each island, has a cultural diversity and uniqueness of its own nature.

Traveling to Indonesia, is a blog that will accompany you on your trip around Indonesia. Of course, a trip to Indonesia will give you a trip that promises a refreshing and pleasant experience. Traveling to Indonesia’s Blog is also going to give you some bid of interest places, locations and destinations, and events on your visit in Indonesia. The offer, will be equipped with a guide to help you get the ease and convenience that you can consider to visit our traveling bid.


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