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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Jam Gadang At Bukitinggi

Jam Gadang at Bukittinggi CityBukittinggi, maybe you have known about this place. But as information to you, Bukittinggi is one place that located in West Sumatera region. There have beautiful atmosphere and also cool temperature, so in the morning, evening or night, you still enjoying your activity to walk there. Moreover, you will feel easy to come at there. At this time, about transportation problem not difficult. Even, you can make use car rent if you need him. Before, if you ask about interest place at there, I feel you will enjoy when you have been at there. Because with friendly temperature, atmosphere, and also people that always smile if you say “Hello” at there, you will comfort.

But if you like walk, Jam Gadang could become one place that must to visit when you stay at there. In realty, Jam Gadang become one favorite place that often visited by many people from inside or other area."Jam" means "clock" in Indonesian. "Gadang" is means "big". So, Jam Gadang can be understand as Big Clock. Jam Gadang was built in 1926 by Yazid Sutan Gigi Ameh. The clock itself was a gift from Queen of Holland to The Controleur. During the Dutch occupation, on top of the roof was a hen. When the Japanese occupied, they changed the hen into the form a shrine. And when Indonesia became independent, people rebuilt the roof top into the form of Minangkabau (West Sumatera) traditional houses (Rumah Gadang). Since then "Jam Gadang" became the icon of Bukittingi.

This structure is by 26 meter of height build on a 13x4 meter square. The diameter of the clock itself is 80cm.

In around Jam Gadang you can find various souvenirs seller that can you make as collection or maybe gift for your friends. But if you like adventure while enjoying beautiful nature, you can try to Merapi or Singgalang Mount that located at Padang Panjang. Whatever that you’ll do there, sure will feel comfort with uniqueness atmosphere at there. And, if you feel difficult, you can make use a guide, or shy to ask with people there. Because many immigrants as well as tourist that visit there, so you will feel not alone.

If you want to get new atmosphere and also new experience, Bukittinggi can become one of target places that could visited. The uniqueness, if you want enjoying while walk round Bukittinggi area, you can find original culture from society at there. Because society at there until now still to kept their culture, like wedding party, meeting, and more. The rich culture made society held the value of togetherness as well as familiarity in high esteem.

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