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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shopping in the city of Padang

Minang PlazaIf you visit West Sumatra, surely you will come first to the city of Padang. If you come through the Air Line, then you will land at Minangkabau International Airport (MIA). You can choose to stay back in the city of Padang. This will benefit you, because almost all Tourism destination in West Sumatra will be easily reached from the city of Padang.

Right in the center of town, you can choose different hotels and high-class medium which is along the coast. From there, you can plan your next trip. You can also buy all your needs in advance, so that your journey easier. In the city of Padang, there are several modern market, you can visit. Among these are:

1. Plaza Andalas
Located right in the center of Padang City, making Plaza Andalas was the most crowded place to
Plaza Andalasvisit for shopping at Padang. Besides the ease of visiting the Plaza Andalas, its location is in downtown, will make you easy to choose a variety of hotels located near the Plaza Andalas.

2. Minang Plaza
Minang plaza is located north of the city of Padang. If you take the bus from Minangkabau International Airport, then you will first find this place where to shop than other. In this place you'll find all your travel needs. Not some far from Minang Plaza, you'll find Pangeran Beach Hotel, one of the best lodging in the city of Padang.

3. Matahari Dept Store
Matahari Department Store located in downtown, and adjacent to the traditional market of Padang. In addition to easily accessible by public bus, you are also have a chance to see the transaction in Traditional Markets, which was directly under the Matahari Dept. Store. If necessary, you can come to a traditional market Pasar Raya Padang, where you can buy fresh ingredients for meals or other things and what you need.

4. Gramedia.
Gramedia Book Store is the largest stationery of books shoping the city of Padang. Located in downtown, Gramedia could be your choice to get the road map you need, as well as Indonesian and Regional dictionary if you need it. In this place you can also buy the equipment of sports and tour you need.

5. Silungkang Stores
For souvenirs, in Padang you can find it in Silungkang Stores. Silungkang store is approximately 1 mile from downtown and your easy to visit by public transportation. In this place you can buy a various of Minangkabau traditional souvenirs that made with craft, with affordable prices.

6. Christine Hakim Kripik Stores
Kripik Christine Hakim Stores, is one of best known traditional grocery store in the city of Padang. In this place, you can buy "Kripik (chips)Balado", Minangkabau traditional food. But you can also get others Minangkabau traditional food .



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